Our Story

We are a team of researchers and entrepreneurs from Tokyo, JAPAN disrupting the future of the startups fundraising process. We provide a platform for the founders & entrepreneurs to record their short video pitches and share with the global investors. Our onboarded VCs and CVCs access those video pitches to make decisions for their strategic investment in startups.

Investors are generally busy and they receive tons of emails everyday. But it is difficult to understand the concept by the pitch deck and see the founder's passion. We have built this technology to reduce the number of spam emails received by investors from startups and at the same time, we also help founders to target only potential investors instead of sending tons of cold emails. The pitch deck in video form saves the time of investors and makes the decision faster.


Simplifying Startups fundraising and investment process through technology.


To create an easy to use platform and tools where startups can pitch their ideas or companies to the investors through videos.

Company profile

  • OPERATING COMPANYScientistPage Inc.
  • CAPITAL21,240,000 JPY
  • ADDRESSTokyo, Japan.
  • BUSINESSConnecting promising startups to top-tier investors.
  • CONTACT (Japan)+81 - 8073069547
  • CONTACT (India)+91 - 9986345232